Feeding New Moms

There are probably no less than 1 million posts available on the Internet about feeding new moms. It’s a valuable topic. I never thought I’d have trouble remembering to eat, or even cooking, but those early days with a newborn really throw you for a loop. I can remember days where I’d eat nothing more than trail mix, chocolate and bananas, because they were easy to grab.

Here’s the thing though: I’d venture to guess 90% of those posts about feeding new moms tell you to make them lasagne. Or a similarly humongous casserole. Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against casseroles. However, it’s nice to have variety. So here are some ideas for taking care of a new mom in your life.

Note: I have to thank my mom friends (the Dragon Babies group) for providing valuable input and ideas in this post. 

Snack basket or stocking the kitchen

Did I mention it’s hard to remember to eat? And almost impossible to find the time to prepare anything that requires work? One mom friend had a picnic basket that she and her husband would stock each morning with healthy essentials. It was placed next to the couch and that way healthy food was never far away. She could even grab something while the baby was asleep on her. Wonderful! I wish I’d been that smart. Here are some fabulous things to pack in a snack basket for a new mom. Alternatively, you could just frame this as helping them stock the kitchen with great food.

Pantry items

Granola bars, energy bars, anything of the sort

Trail mix

Dried fruit (I particularly like mango and apricots)

Crackers: anything from whole grain crackers to pita chips to graham crackers

Dark chocolate (chocolate covered nuts and fruit is also great)

Pretzels (peanut butter-filled from Trader Joe’s in particular!)

Peanut butter

Instant oatmeal

Bread or muffins (Think zucchini bread, banana bread, blueberry muffins)

Carnation instant breakfast drink

Beer (Guinness for milk production!)


Oranges (I particularly liked mandarin oranges because they were easy to peel)



Small size microwave popcorn

One-minute rice cups

Refrigerated items

Cut fruit

Prepared salads

Baby carrots

Cold chicken salad

Rice salad*


Cheese sticks/string cheese/sliced cheese


Non-food items

Lansinoh soothies

Medela lanolin

Nightlights or small push lights

*It doesn’t have to be rice. But I mean some kind of cold salad, like this orzo one or this quinoa one.


OK. So providing dinner is an important service too. And lasagne is very nice! However, it takes forever to cook, makes a ton and is definitely on the “heavy” side of things. I made some of my own freezer meals for after Harper came, and here are a few of my favorites. Plus a couple of meals that I haven’t frozen before, but I’m sure would work great.

Pesto Chicken Pasta Shells

Chicken Taquitos

Asian Salmon (or chicken or another fish)

Beef and Broccoli

Overnight chicken

Vegetarian enchiladas

Baked chicken fajitas

Hamburger/Turkey burger patties (This is the recipe for one of my favorite turkey burgers)

Finally, soups freeze beautifully and make for an easy meal. I particularly enjoyed broccoli cheddar soup but good ‘ol fashioned chicken noodle or, heck, even a chili would be great as well.

Happy eating!

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